Korg Styles download

Korg Styles

Hello, musicians.

Korg pa, can sound very professional with the right styles, although this take time tweaking, learning, and polishing the sounds.

In this post i am going to advertise some of the websites where you can buy professional styles.

As you know, korg pa SETs are different to the overall keyboards, because they can store new sample sounds, new pads,tc Helicon effects for each sound( like distortion for guitars), lyrics, different microphone definitions , right hand upper sounds, output equalization, everything you need is stored in the Set file.

Although when you buy styles online in almost every styles stores, they only sell you the GM styles, and you cant take advantage of the full korg pa potencial.

Anyway if you take your time you can edit by your own and replace for new ram sounds.

A famous German website, is d-o-o.de the audio demos are from yamaha tyros 4, but you can buy the converted version for all korg keyboards

korg  styles from germany

korg styles from germany


Another website is the Portuguese Midiarte here you can find a huge list of brasilian, portuguese and International styles. Some of the styles are made on korg.

midiarte keyboard styles

midiarte keyboard styles

Anyway theres other way i recommend in order to achieve high quality sound in live act.
Korg pa800, pa600, pa2x, pa3x, in all of them can be possible to play mp3 files.
This french website i am goind to recomend.: karaoke version gives you the possibility to edit an mp3 the same way you do in a midi file. you can mute instruments and play the upper instruments you like.

That way you will have studio quality on your gigs.

karaoke-vesrsion website


But if you are looking for styles and new sample sounds, the best option is here in our website, you won`t regret purchasing these for sure.